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Laser cutting of wood

Is it possible to cut wood with lasers from Innotech?

In a current project at Innotech Laser, we have an inquiry about wood and laser cutting.

For cutting natural woods such as cherry, beech or oak, we recommend the use of CO2 lasers with a shaft length of 10.6 um.

The question often arises as to what extent the industrial laser burns the wood during laser cutting. However, this is not the case. In laser cutting, the laser beam is focused at the focal point of the material with the help of optical lenses, which causes a rise in temperature at the point of intersection of the material. The wood evaporates through sublimation so wood dust and wood shavings free.By using compressed air, the quality at cut edges can be further increased when laser cutting wood.

Do you have an application with special requirements? You want to engrave or cut wood with a laser? Just talk to the experts at Innotech Laser!

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