Laser Service, laser repair, laser consulting, laser maintenance

Laser technology consulting and service

At Innotech Laser, we see ourselves as your personal technical contact right from the start, from the selection of suitable products and delivery through to reliable service after successful installation and commissioning. We supply you exclusively with high-quality laser components, industrial lasers and laser spare parts as well as user-specific product combinations for all application areas.

Laser service, laser testing, laser repair, laser consulting

Trust us and our product portfolio and convince yourself of our quality, our know-how and our flexibility. To achieve the best system performance, we perfectly match all components to your user-specific requirements and thus guarantee the highest quality in the long term.

We cover a comprehensive product range for industrial lasers.

From UV lasers, infrared lasers, fiber lasers and galvano scanners to controllers, cutting heads and spare parts, we always offer you the right products.

Discover our solutions for industrial lasers and get to know our high-quality advice personally.

Fiberlaser, Raycus, CW Laser, Pulsed Laser, MOPA Laser, QCW Laser

Strong brands - individual solutions

Quality is our most important claim. That is why we rely on professional suppliers who meet our high requirements. So you get high quality products at all times that achieve impressive and robust performance.

. We are in close dialogue with the producers. Our goal is to further optimize excellent solutions,

. But we are also your contact when it comes to special requirements. Our direct contact with the manufacturers enables us to realize even special solutions. Translated with (free version)

Service and repair

We represent and provide service for the following manufacturers, for example: RAYCUS fiber lasers, HUARAY DPSS lasers, RAYTOOLS welding and cutting heads, JCZ controls as well as our Galvo scanner line innoSCAN.

All components are qualitatively checked by our technicians and, if necessary, also serviced and repaired. We offer this laser repair as a part of our full service offer. We offer a 26-month warranty on selected products. Thanks to our stock, we can also provide you with replacement or loaner equipment at short notice, so that your laser repair is completed in the shortest possible time.

Laser service, laser repair, laser testing, laser consulting, laser maintenance

Service and testing of our products

Contact us to see our products and expertise for yourself. Click here for the contact form. We are also happy to provide you with beam sources, deflection units and optics for up to 4 weeks without obligation and free of charge to perform tests.

Laser cutting, Fiberlaser, DPSS Laser, CO2 Laser

Service - your direct contact

We would be happy to advise you and offer you a comprehensive service package.

personal service for laser applications and components

Phone:   +49 2103 30989-42
Fax: +49 2103 30989-88

Or use our contact form - we will get in touch with you within one working day.

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