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Innotech Laser distributes high quality laser components for technical applications for more then 15 years. Starting from the heart of a laser system, the laser beam source, we offer fiber lasers, DPSS lasers or CO2 lasers. Furthermore we distribute galvanometer scanners with different input apertures and different wavelengths. To complete our product portfolio, we also sell different optics such as F-Theta lenses, beam expanders, beam combiners or laser protection glasses in any focal length and wavelength. We guarantee short delivery times, excellent advice and high quality laser products at an attractive price. Innotech Laser does not only offer laser components, we offer suited solutions for every laser application. 

                                     Innotech Laser - Laser components according to your needs.

Laser control cards

Control Cards

For save and reliable funcionality of our components, we offer a control system that operates via USB 2.0 on all established Versions of Windows.

Laser beam sources

Laser Sources

With high beam quality, reliability, pace, pulse accuracy, cost-efficiency and long lifetime our laser sources are state-of-the-art.

Galvo Scanner / Deflection units

Deflection Units

For all wavelength and apertures we offer suitable scanning components, deflection units or galvanometer scanners.

Laser optic / F-Theta

Laser Optics

Our F-Theta optics for established wavelength - 355nm (UV), 532nm (green), 1064 nm (IR), 10,6 µm (CO2) – are delivered with complete protective glass.



We know the demands placed on modern industrial lasers. It's all about the highest possible precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You as our customer are the focus of our actions. Together we will find a suitable solution.

Customized special solutions

As your professional partner, we are at your disposal with industrial lasers, laser components and laser spare parts. Due to the very close and trusting cooperation with our suppliers, we are also your partner for special requirements.

Innotech Laser Advantages

These are our strengths: Advice, sourcing, quality assurance, delivery and service for laser systems and components.

As a supplier of high-quality laser components and service partner of numerous industrial and commercial throughout Europe, many customers have placed their trust in us since 2007. Within shortest time we deliver suitable laser components, like laser beam sources, laser deflection units, laser optics and controls up to complete systems according to your requirements in plant engineering, production as well as research & development.

We represent and offer service for e.g. the following manufacturers: Raycus fiber lasers, Huaray DPSS lasers, Raytools laser cutting and laser welding heads, JCZ controllers as well as our own galvanometer scanner line innoSCAN II by Innotech Laser.

Matching expertise

At Innotech Laser, you get advice from laser professionals. We are long-standing experts in industrial lasers and can therefore offer you quality at the highest level. Whether you want to buy new industrial lasers, are looking for laser spare parts or need advice on laser products. Please feel free to contact us.


First class advice

Our mission is to be your technical partner from the beginning. From the selection of fitting laser products, delivery and reliable service during installation and operation. Above all, our after sales service is enormously important to us.

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Highest quality for your industrial laser

We supply you exclusively with high-quality laser components, industrial lasers and laser spare parts as well as user-specific product combinations for all laser application areas. Trust us and our product portfolio and convince yourself of our quality, our know-how and our flexibility.

To achieve the best system performance, we perfectly match all our components to your user-specific needs and thus guarantee highest quality. We cover a comprehensive product range for industrial lasers and laser components. From UV lasers to infrared lasers, fiber lasers and galvanometer scanners to controllers, laser processing heads and laser spare parts, we always offer you the right products.

Discover our solutions for industrial lasers and feel free to get to know our high-quality advice personally by contacting us. Innotech Laser is looking forward to hearing from you.