Laser cutting is the pioneering Laser processing technology

With Laser cutting, a highly concentrated Laser beam is used to cut materials precisely. This process is considered pioneering and is now used in almost every industry.

Thanks to the almost inexhaustible energy source of Laser light, our Laser tool is low-wear and versatile. Fiber lasers in particular are considered pioneering and are used permanently for Laser cutting.

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Advantages of cutting Laser

As a process, Lasercutting offers a number of advantages over conventional cutting methods.

The high precision, the low material deformation and the low heat impact on the material are unique advantages, especially with sensitive materials. The ability to cut complex shapes or process different materials with the same "tool" makes Lasercutting unique.

However, it is important to note that the selection of the correct Lasertype and parameters depends on the material and the desired application.

Laser Control cards


Lasercutting enables extremely precise cuts with high accuracy and repeatability.

Laserradiation sources


Cutting Laseris a fast process that enables high production speeds.

Galvo scanner / deflection units


Laser can cut a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and even some organic materials.

Laser Optics / F-Theta


Cutting Laserdoes not require any physical tools. Therefore, there are no wearing parts that need to be replaced regularly.

How does Innotech Laser help you cut Laser?

There are different types of Lasersystems used for Laser cutting, including CO2Laser, fiberlaser and solidlaser.

Each Laser type has its own characteristics and optimal areas of application. We will be happy to help you select the right Lasercomponents for your application.


  • First-class advice on the selection of suitable Lasersystem components
  • Tailor-made solutions thanks to years of experience in the Lasercutting application area
  • High-quality Laserproducts with an attractive price-performance ratio
  • Technical support and maintenance of our products

"Our beam sources are an excellent alternative when using Laser cutting systems. The price-performance ratio is outstandingly attractive."

Maximilian Abeln, Innotech Laser GmbH

Typical applications for cutting Laser

Innotech Laser GmbH - Laser metal cutting

Cutting of metals

Metal cutting with Laser is a widely used process in the manufacturing industry as it provides a precise and efficient method of machining a variety of metal materials.

Most frequently selected configuration for cutting metals Laser

Raycus fiberlaser

Raycus CW Laser RFL-C4000S-CE

More about Raycus CW Laser
Galvo Scanner

Raytools cutting head BM111

More about Raytools cutting heads
Laser Optics

Teyu Laser Cooler CWFL-4000

More about Teyu cooling systems
Innotech Laser GmbH - laser cutting pcb boards

Cutting PCB boards

Laser are also used for cutting glass, especially for the production of glass decorations, mirrors and windows.

Most frequently selected configuration for cutting glass Laser

Raycus fiberlaser

Huaray DPSS Laser Pine-532-30

More about Huaray DPSS Laser
Galvo Scanner

Galvo scanner innoSCAN II-30

More about the galvo scanners
Laser Optics

Laser Optics F-Theta 532 nm

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Innotech Laser GmbH - laser cutting plastic

Cutting of plastics

Although non-metallic materials, some plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate can also be cut with Lasern. This is often used for the production of housings, signs and acrylic glass products.

Most frequently selected configuration for cutting plastics Laser

Raycus fiberlaser

DAVI CO2 Laser T80

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Galvo Scanner

Galvo scanner innoSCAN II-12

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Laser Optics

Laser Optics F-Theta 10600 nm

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Let us advise you and test for yourself

If you have any questions, need a quote or would like to test a configuration in our technical center, please send us an e-mail or simply give us a call. We will answer you as quickly as possible.

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Further applications

Raycus fiberlaser

Glass laser treatment

The Laser treatment of glass surfaces is an application for which Lasersystems are made: They create patterns, smooth or clean the surface as required.

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Galvo Scanner

Laser cleaning

The cleaning of surfaces with Laser technology offers numerous application possibilities in various industries.

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Laser Optics

Metal 3D printing

Laser Additive manufacturing or Laser-based 3D printing is a revolutionary manufacturing technology for the production of prototypes and sample parts.

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