Innotech Laser are experts in Huaray DPSS Laser systems

Let us advise you on DPSS-Lasersystems from Huaray Precision Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. In our DPSS-Laser portfolio you will find nanosecond DPSS-Laser, picosecond DPSS-Laser, femtosecond DPSS-Laser, UV-Laser and green Laser.

In a personal consultation, we will work with you to determine which DPSS-Lasersystem is best suited as a beam source for your Laserapplication. Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on the DPSS-Laserbeam sources listed.

Huaray DPSS Laser

Official sales partner of Huaray Precision Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. in Germany, Hilden.

These are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of DPSS Lasern

The advantages are a compact Laserunit and a higher efficiency from electrical to optical power. The power density and beam quality are improved by the fact that less heat is introduced by the pump source and the service life is significantly longer. However, the Laserdiodes are quite expensive, which can increase the initial investment.