The ideal jet expanders and jet combiners for your Lasersystem

We offer you a wide range of Laseroptics, from Laserbeam expanders to Laserbeam combiners. With us you will find the ideal Laser optics for every application with the right wavelength, magnification, fixed or variable.

Have you not yet found the right Lasersystem for your Laserapplication? The Lasersystems shown here are just a selection from our range. On request, we can also manufacture customized Laseroptics for you and advise you on the selection of the right Lasersystem components. Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on the Laseroptics listed.

F-Theta lens

Variable beam expander, available for various Laserapplications

Beam expanders and beam combiners are used for this purpose

A beam expander is an optical device that is used to increase or decrease the diameter of a Laserbeam. By using a beam expander, the diameter of the Laserbeam can be adjusted. This can be advantageous in many different applications.

For example, a larger beam diameter allows you to protect mirrors. Or you can vary the size of the focal point in conjunction with focusing optics. A beam expander acts as a beam reducer in the opposite beam direction.

A beam combiner, on the other hand, is a device that combines several Laserbeams into a single beam. This can be important in various areas such as Laserprocessing, medicine or communication technology.

By combining the Laserbeams, you can, for example, superimpose a visible Laserbeam or use a second wavelength for processing. A beam combiner can also be used to separate Laserbeams, for example if the machining process is to be checked simultaneously via a camera.