F-Theta lenses exactly for your requirements

We offer you a wide range of Laseroptics, precisely for your requirements. Whether F-theta objectives, Laserbeam expanders, Laserfocusing lenses or Laserbeam combiners: you will find the ideal optics with the right wavelength for every Laserapplication, especially telecentric lenses, partial or full quartz lenses.

You have not yet found the right Lasersystem or the right Laser optics for your Laserapplication? We can also manufacture customized Laseroptics for you on request. Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on the Laseroptics listed.

F-Theta lens

F-Theta lens, available for all sizes and types

Interesting facts about F-Theta lenses

F-theta lenses are designed in such a way that they generate a writing field that is linearly dependent on the angle of incidence. F-theta lenses thus flatten the focal plane. Telecentric lenses flatten the focal plane further and the beam angle is closer to 90° for all spot positions.

At Innotech Laser you can obtain high-quality Laseroptics with an excellent price-performance ratio.