Laser Protective lenses make your Laseroptics more durable

Is your Lasersystem still missing something? We offer you a large selection of Laserspare parts such as Laserprotective glasses, Laser standard nozzles, single nozzles or double nozzles.

On request, we can also offer you Laser linear axes, Laser rotary axes or even complete housings for your Lasersystems. We are constantly expanding our product range to meet the requirements of our customers. and we will advise you with all our expertise on the right components for your Laserapplication and your Lasersystems.

Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on the listed Laser spare parts.

Laser Protective glass

Laser Protective glass all sizes available

Laser Protective glasses

ProductProduct sizeMaterialWavelengthPowerInstallation locationShapeSuitable for models including
211LCG002024.9x1.5 mmQuartz1064 nm4 KWTopFlatBT210S / BT240S / BM109 / BM111
211LCG003727.9x4.1 mmQuartz1064 nm4 KWMiddle/BottomFlatBT210 / BT210S / BT240 / BT240S / BM109 / BM111
211LCG007638.1x1.6 mmQuartz1064 nm8 KWTopFlatBM114 / BM114S
211LCG004537x1.6 mmQuartz1064 nm12 KWTopFlatBM115 3.0
110255IAG00437x7 mmQuartz1064 nm6 KWBottomFlatBM114 / BM114S
211LCG007837x7 mmQuartz1064 nm12 KWMiddle/BottomFlatBN115 3.0
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