Laser Repair requests

Regardless of whether you purchased your Laser from us or directly from Raycus: as an official Raycus Customer Center Europe, we will take care of your concerns. We are in direct contact with Raycus at all times and can therefore help you particularly efficiently and quickly.

If you have a Laser in need of repair, would like a repair or would just like to receive a fault analysis, please use the form. Fill in the RMA document and send it to us and we will deal with your request directly.

Do you have any further questions about the repair or warranty? Write us an e-mail or simply give us a call. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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Service, maintenance and repair

To ensure that repairs run as smoothly as possible for you, you should clarify whether there is a warranty and who will cover it before making a repair request.

If you are already a customer of Innotech Laser , we will of course cover the warranty. Even if you have purchased your Laser directly from Raycus, we are the right contact. Raycus will cover the repair costs in the event of a warranty claim. However, you should inform Raycus at the same time to ensure a smooth and clear process.

Your Laser is neither from us nor from Raycus? In this case, we are also at your side and will help you with the repair of your Laser system.

Send us the Laser with all the important information (warranty, defect, customer information) to Hilden and we will carry out a fault analysis as quickly as possible. Following our analysis, you will receive a summary and, in cases without warranty, a cost estimate. Thanks to our stock, we can also provide you with replacement or loan devices at short notice.

All Laser components are checked by our technicians and, if necessary, serviced and repaired. We will always keep you informed of the current status.

After the repair, we test the functions of the Laser on site and then return your fully functional Laser to you.

Laser Service

Various devices for the diagnosis, analysis and repair of Laser sources

100% quality control

Since the founding of Innotech Laser , one of our key distinguishing features has been our extremely comprehensive quality control. All products that we deliver are tested in-house. We also use the new clean rooms at Hilden for this purpose.

24 months warranty

Our quality standards are also reflected in our guarantee promise: All our products come with a 24-month warranty, so that during this time you can count on a free Repair free of charge during this period.
Please contact us for further information.