Laser Cutting optics and Laser Welding optics from RayTools

When it comes to optics for Lasercutting or Laserwelding, we rely on close cooperation with one of the leading suppliers in this field: RayTools AG develops and produces Laserbeam guidance systems, also known as Laser processing heads. RayTools AG was founded in 2005 in Switzerland, where it has its headquarters and development center.

Lasercutting modules and Laserwelding modules from RayTools AG are used for macro and microLasermachining applications. These include Lasercutting, Laserwelding, Laserbuild-up welding and Laserheat treatment.

RayTools has developed into one of the largest suppliers of Laserblasting tools worldwide. Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on the Laserprocessing heads.

Raytools Laser Cutting head / welding head

Raytools AG Laser-Cutting head BM111-3KW

Download Lasercutting opticsDownload Laserwelding optics

Find the right Laser cutting head and Laser welding head for you

The Lasercutting and welding heads from RayTools make it particularly easy for you: they offer a standard connection for Lasersources such as QBH to ensure flexibility and easy replacement.

If required, we can also offer you various functions or accessories, such as integrated cameras for monitoring the Laserprocess as well as nozzles and protective glasses.