Innotech Laser cooperates with DAVI CO2 laser

At Innotech Laser we offer CO2 lasers from DAVI whose quality and performance we have trusted for years. You will find among our DAVI CO2 laser portfolio water cooled CO2 laser and air cooled CO2 laser. In a personal conversation we will determine together with you, which CO2 laser is best suited for your laser application. Please contact us for data sheets, step files or further technical information on the CO2 laser beam sources listed.

Davi CO2 RF laser

DAVI CO2 RF laser source

ProductWavelengthPowerFrequencyBeam Beam QualityCooling Method
DAVI D3010600 nm30 W0-25 kHz1,8 mmM²≤1,2Air or Water
DAVI D30i9300 nm>17 W0-25 kHz1,8 mmM²≤1,2Air or Water
DAVI D5510600 nm55 W0-25 kHz1,8 mmM²≤1,2Air or Water
DAVI D55i9300 nm>35 W0-25 kHz1,8 mmM²≤1,2Air or Water
DAVI T8010600 nm80 W0-100 kHz2,5 mmM²≤1,2Air or Water
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Usage of CO2 laser

CO2 laser are used in the industry for laser cutting and laser welding. The advantage for laser welding are, the high precision and purity of material compared to gas or arc welding. Also laser light can reach difficult places and go through transparent media.
The higher wavelength compared to fiber lasers help in laser cutting different material like any organic materials like wood, paper or cotton. The better absorption leads to cleaner laser cutting edges.