Laser chiller from the company Teyu S&A

Industrial chillers, fiber laser chillers, CO2 laser chillers or even water cooled chillers for clean rooms. If you are looking for a suitable chiller system for your application, then you have come to the right place. We cooperate with the company Teyu S&A and now also have their cooling systems in our product portfolio. You too can benefit from an excellent product at an affordable price! Of course we guarantee fast delivery time and fullest warranty by Innotech Laser GmbH. Please contact us for data sheets, step files or further technical information on the cooling systems listed.

Laser protective glasses

Laser chiller CW-5000 available in many different sizes and variants.

Stay cool with our chiller from S&A

Looking for the correct cooling system? We can offer a varity of different cooling systems for the entire industry. We only list the very common used ones. We also have or can provide different type of water chillers especially for your application. Feel free to ask us.